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Past Events 

Next Generation Cities and Communities: Exploring Convergent Approaches

Foresight Workshop

  • 3-5 May, 2017 - Anacapri, Island of Capri, Italy
  • The Foresight Group is organizing a workshop on “SmartGrid for Food Systems” to be held on 3‐5 May, 2017, Anacapri, Italy. The goal of the workshop is to validate the concept of SmartGrid for Food Systems and to indicate processes and technologies which, in a long term, allow its realization.
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Seeds & Chips Global Innovation Summit

  • 8-11 May, 2017 - Milan, Italy
  • Food Innovation concerns the whole food chain, from farm to fork: the increasing world population and protein consumption, climate change, scarcity of available resources, socio-demographic changes, protection of health and irreversible and overt changes in the processes of choice and purchase are all important to food innovation. We are changing the ways in which food is produced, processed, distributed, communicated and consumed. Never before in history has man faced challenges so urgent and never before has he had access to the technological infrastructure to address them, and still there remains so much potential to be discovered.
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